Which Water Bottle Works Best?

While you might have come looking for the best glass water bottles, it would be ignorant to assume those made from other materials. Truth is, there are plenty of materials, and they vary even in design.

Which Water Bottle Works Best?

Water Needs

Before comparing any of the water bottles, a deeper understanding of the driving force is important. The only reason we need water bottles is maintenance of hydration levels. That boosts energy, keeps the body organs functioning optimally, and the skin glows. Basically, constant water intake keeps the body healthy. So, while people prefer different kinds of bottles, based on personal reasons, the most important thing is taking up enough water. Nonetheless, no one wants to take water from a funny looking, ineffective bottle. Aside the fact that you cannot carry your water dispenser when out for walks or running. Here are some factors to consider when choosing.

Ease of Drinking

Several studies have indicated that use of straws helps in proper uptake, with less wastage through spillage. In line with that, bottle makers have lids that allows straw usage. Others have closable nozzles and that works quite well too. However, not all will find such setups favorable. Others might perhaps have specific liking towards the plain old capped bottles with a wide opening.

Drink Purity and Safety

In case you did not know, there are concerns dating back to the 60s on BPA-seepage. The chemical used in manufacture of plastic food storage equipment was accused of leach into the food. Thus, it was suspected that disposable bottles made of plastic would leak the BPA into water. Those concerns carry on to the re-usable bottles. Fortunately, products nowadays are BPA-free. But for safety purposes, you can check to confirm whether yours complies, before buying.

Design and Portability

People who intend to carry water to the workplace can make good use of a plain bottle without much of enhancements. Such bottles will sit at the work desk all day, needing no straps. However, others need water bottles for outdoor activities. Consequently, straps are a basic need for them. Some bottles even come with attached caps that do away with the problem of losing lids. Bigger bottles for campers even come with a shoulder strap. Others come with an allowance for attaching the bottle if carried in bag.


The kids too engage in activities, and they too need to rehydrate often. Essentially, a good bottle for kids meets several requirements. It should be spill-proof, shatter proof, and leak proof. We all know kids can be a bit messy at times. A bottle with a wide base and extra straps for better holding is an added advantage. Also, caps need avail provisions for straw usage, or nozzles for easy sipping.


Plastic water bottles are the best when it comes to design manipulation. They can be made in likeness to almost anything. In combination with colors, they look quite attractive. As for metallic and glass bottles, a few graphics will do. The point here is beauty matters. A good-looking bottle serves to motivates the user.

How do you want your Drink Served?

Some people prefer warm water especially when going out in the cold. For such, a double walled bottle works best. Most of these are made of food-grade stainless steel. They maintain water temperature, and it works both ways. If you want your drink to remain cold even in the heat, it will remain so.


It is evident that each type of material has its advantage. However, all of them serve the greater purpose of safely storing your drinks.

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